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Water Colours
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The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Art Paint Medium!
The ideal all-in-one affordable multi-medium water based paint for the Artist to create Acrylic, Gouache, Water Colour or Oil effects that dries to a permanent, waterproof finish. TASCAL is a unique, newly developed South African water based, pigment-rich, affordable paint medium that can be successfully applied to any surface. For further information go to www.jabtex.co.za

Crisitex paints originated some 20 years ago and has ever since been well known and used as a premium quality South African product, primarily for painting on natural fabric. What is not commonly known is that Crisitex paints have been successfully applied onto virtually any other surface! It is widely used by the crafting fraternity on textile, wood, paper, canvas, stone, glass and even plastics. Crisitex is also used in manufacturing processes (such as by screen printers) as an affordable alternate to traditional paints and pigments.

Crisitex is available in 72 colours, 5 Fluorescents, 7 Pearls, 8 Metallics (also Sparkles), 17 Glitter & other Liners and 9 Metallic Dusts

For further information go to www.jabtex.co.za

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Spray Paints
Zenith Professional 400ml Fast Drying Interior & Exterior in Gloss White, Gloss Black, Irish Green, Fire Red, Silver, Gold & Clear Lacquer
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Humbrol Enamel full range in 14ml tins

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