Our shop - Mosaics

Mosaic Tiles
150 x 150mm Ceramic Tiles in variety of colours
50 x 50mm Glass Tiles in 7 Colours
25 x 25mm Glass Tiles in wide variety of colours
10 x 10mm Glass assorted Glass & Ceramic Tiles
Perlé Tiles, Metallic Tiles, Pre-Nipped Tiles, Dew Drops
Mosaic Inserts of all shapes & sizes

Mosaic Accessories
Mosaic Kits
   - Complete do-it-yourself such as Hearts, Mirrors & Crosses, Grout in all colours, Tile Cement, Aqua Seal, Tile Cutters, Squeegees, Superwood Cut-Outs for Mosaics including the Alphabet, Numerals (favorites for street numbers!) and popular words
Mesh (sold per m²)